Transformation Project: 

Master Bathroom

A Place To Relax

The Goal

We started off with many seemingly conflicting goals for this bathroom remodel. First, it needed to be crisp & clean but dark & moody. Second, it had to marry several modern elements brought in from the bedroom such as trim, flooring, and coloring with a zen, spa-like feel. Lastly, several very large and heavy pieces would need to be maneuvered into place.

Pieces needed to be made: vanity top, inset cabinet countertop, bathtub, several wall panels, and 2 inserts (a window and a shelf). We had our work cut out for us...

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4 Phase Project



Typical 80's Florida Bathroom

This Bathroom had all the usual suspects: drop down ceiling, terrible wall color, builders grade cabinets, and, of course, something almond colored.

There was a lot of work that had to be done before we could even design some elements let alone template. After all the demo and a large amount of the construction had been completed, the project was ready for concrete.

Begin, Phase 1...


Phase 1

And So It Begins

First pieces to be made are the cabinet base and top for a small linen nook and a vanity top with 2 integral sinks.

First step after we receive or make all the measurements and calculations we need is mold making.​  We needed a simple mold for the cabinet top, but the vanity needed two sink molds and an interior & exterior mold.

Finish chosen was Stone Champloo in a grey color palette. Basically, we got to freestyle with our various powders, dusts, and grouts to create a truly one-of-a-kind piece.


Phase 2

Let The Fun Begin

This next phase only had simple molds but it had 7 of them. Pieces for this phase were 1 large wall panel and 6 small ones all for the accent panel wall of the wet room.

The small panels went quite fast but the large accent panel required lots of hands-on attention. Our Stone Champloo finish is created by using various powders, grouts, and dusts to build up an impressive depth of color by hand.

Once the panels were made, processed, and sealed, they were allowed to cure for several days, then installed on the accent wall.


Phase 3

Panels For Days!

Not only did this phase have the originally planned for 6 full sized panels and inserts for the side walls but we had to add the 2 small panels that needed to be replaced to this phase as well. That means we needed 12 molds of various shapes and sizes. For a small custom shop like ours...that's a lot.

All panels were in a nice clean finish called Stardust so making these panels went much quicker than the accent panel.


Because of the small workshop we installed these as they were ready to free up space for the next panels.