Transformation Project: 

Master Bedroom

A Place To Rest

The Goal

The goal was simple: make several furniture and decor pieces to compliment a natural design theme with a slight beachy feel. Many design elements already chosen helped with material and color selection but the overall structure could go wherever we wanted. We decided to combine wood and concrete in a way we hadn't seen done yet and the result was absolutely beautiful (if I do say so myself).

Pieces needed to be made: a wall table (sometimes called a sofa table), 2 nightstands, and 2 lamp bases.

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5 Piece Project



It Started As Dark & Creepy...

Two dark & creepy rooms needed to be combined and lighten up.


Once all the construction was finished all the existing furniture was put in place. Several decor items still needed to be purchased before some of the design decisions for the furniture could be narrowed down.

Since we needed to make pieces to fill a gap in what was already purchased we needed to wait till everything was in place to get started on the pieces we had to make.



A Match Made In Heaven

Nightstands are as integral to the bedroom as beds. Afterall, where else are you supposed to hide your...snacks. 

I have a notebook full of sketches and notes for projects I want to make and having free reign on this project was the perfect opportunity to crack it open.

We decided to go with a single waterfall leg on the concrete and join the wooden base to the concrete by a mortise & tenon. We used Poplar for the wood and stained it in Java by General Finishes. For the concrete we did our experimental finish Celestial in a light warm grey: Howl's Moving Castle.


Lamp Bases

The Ocean Captured In Stone

Most people would never think to use concrete for a lamp base but there really isn't a reason you can't. We wanted something that resonated ocean or beach feel which meant making it look like water.

The mold was a simple rectangle so the first task was deciding what material to use for the mold. Concrete looks different when cast against different materials so we had to try a few different things.

Once we decided on a mold material we had to figure out how to get the aesthetic we wanted. We got the look we wanted on the first try but quickly found that replicating it was very difficult. The mix was very finicky so it took us multiple tries. The end result after many tries was gorgeous and worth it.


Wall Table

The Beauty of Concrete & Wood

Making something look very simple and clean can be incredibly complicated and difficult. The wall table was based on the design of the nightstands to keep a cohesive look but we did decide to beef it up and add a shelf. To make things more complicated we wanted that shelf to be concrete, not wood.

To keep weight down we foam cored part of the piece. In order to connect the wood properly we needed 10 separate square foam knockouts and 1 foam knockout strip for a recess. Several knockouts all needed to line up near perfectly to allow wood to pass through.

To accomplish all this, the mold needed to be several pieces to cast the concrete section properly. After the concrete was ready, the wood had to be test fitted and trimmed many times to allow for a snug fit.

We think the effort was worth it.