Most FAQs

Who is concrete for?

Concrete is for someone who:

  • wants something unique and personalized​

  • thinks granite and quartz are too shiny, too formal, or too common

  • appreciates high-quality, hand-crafted items

  • thinks synthetic solid surface materials look and feel like plastic

  • needs a color or visual texture that’s not available with other materials

If so, concrete may be right for you.

Advantages & Disadvantages of concrete


  • Customizable far beyond other materials used in the same applications.

  • Versatile material and can be used in many different styles for many different uses.

  • Interior and exterior use.

  • Can handle a beating and usually be repaired if damaged


  • Cost: It's not uncommon for concrete to be more expensive for the same item in a different material, not because of materials but labor.

  • Depending on the sealer, if a piece is not taken care of, it will stain or scratch.

  • Lead time: concrete is a hand-made product that requires many chemical reactions to occur properly and therefore our lead time is rarely less than 4-6 weeks.

What does concrete cost?

For countertops & similar items: The price is competitive with other high-end countertop options, ranging from over $100 to $75 a square foot depending on the color(s) and finish selected. Generally speaking, hand placed finishes are more expensive than sprayed finishes.

For other items: Because of the highly custom nature you would need to Contact Us with the details (pictures and rough dimensions help considerably) of your project for us to give you an idea of cost.

Where can I put concrete?

Short answer: Anywhere.

Most common residential uses: kitchens, bathrooms (vanities and showers), front entries, focal areas (green features or water features), and exterior (furniture and planters).

Most common commercial uses: reception desks, focal areas (green features and water features), and exterior (furniture and planters).

How can I treat concrete countertops?

Treat them like countertops, not art stations, workshop benches, butcher blocks, etc... and they should last you a lifetime.

They are not meant to be cut on, have things drug across them, or have very hot items placed directly on them. When a spill happens it should be cleaned up.

If taking care of your things sounds burdensome, a different material is probably best for your project.

Any special structural considerations needed?

No. Glass fiber reinforced concrete weighs half as much as quartz or granite of the same thickness so typical countertop requirements are fine. Cantilever slabs, bartops on kneewalls and similar situations sometimes require brackets or other structural supports.  We can advise on support requirements.

Do you offer a warranty?

Yes. We warranty the structural integrity of the concrete for life. This does not pertain to misuse or abuse of the piece, as well as, damages caused by outside sources such as faulty cabinets. In addition, we provide each client with an Owner’s Guide and a direct phone number for support.