Transformation Project: 


A Place To Gather

The Goal

This was one of our first projects and it was for ourselves.


This space was created with the sole purpose of giving my wife a place to let the stresses of the day just melt away. I was hoping to accomplish this by creating a relaxing oasis with lots of greenery, accenting the space with our moroccan lanterns we had collected over the years, and using plenty of warm materials for a welcoming & relaxing feel.

Pieces needed to be made: A coffee table, a reading table, an entertainment console, and 2 planters.

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5 Piece Project



In The Beginning There Was Nothing...

Unlike many projects, we started this one as a blank slate since we had just moved in. The goal was always the same but as we progressed with our concrete proficiency how the pieces were made evolved considerably.

Before getting to the design choices we needed to replace the ceiling and wrap the columns.

After taking care of the space, we moved onto furniture and decorating with what we already had to see what needed to be made or purchased.

Large & Small Planters

Bringing The Outside, In

I love planters. Big, small, awkward, it doesn't matter. I especially love planters that bring greenery into the home. We had a project where changes were made and the top we made had to be replaced. We decided to use that for a planter with a Buddha.

We also needed to make another large planter to take up wall space. We put a lattice back on it and planted some climbing plants and off we went.


Two Tables

Tying The Room Together

The tables needed to serve 3 purposes. First, they needed to tie our design elements together. We used the same wood as the ceiling and stained it the same color. We then did the tops in a similar color to the couch cushions.

Second, they needed to fulfil the basic requirements of tables. One was a coffee table but needed to be narrower to allow for foot traffic. The other was a reading table that needed to be versatile as far as shape but also be a specific height for practical reasons.

Third, they were both learner pieces. We wanted to see if we could place a backlit geode in a table and these were the first two pieces we would make after getting back from the training class we had attended.

It was pretty nerve wracking.


Entertainment Console

An Experiment With A New Concrete

When talking with people, the general public seems to think that concrete is concrete is concrete.​ There are actually many types of concretes, some with very specific uses. We decided to play with a new type of concrete for this project.

We needed an entertainment console and I wanted to see how this new concrete worked and if it colors the same as what we were used to. I also wanted to do a single piece and add wooden shelves in the same wood and stain as the ceiling.

Using this new concrete was...interesting...