• Patrick

What Makes Us Different

For me, everything extends from two guiding principles: people work hard for their money and the individual reigns supreme. To respect that hard work and individuality I feel custom is the only option. While other shops have a handful of colors (typically shades of grey and not the fun 50 shades kind) and maybe a couple finishes, I have hundreds of colors and dozens of finishes to recommend to people after getting an idea of their tastes and preferences. This is not to say my way is better it's just what makes me different. It's how I show respect for my client's hard earned dollars and individuality.

You might ask, well what about high quality? Why don’t you mention that? Easy. That’s the minimum threshold. It should not need to be mentioned since the prerequisite for being a “professional” is giving every client everything you’ve got. Skills will obviously improve over time and no ones perfect but high quality is always a minimum for any profession.

We custom design furniture from scratch with the clients input. We develop new

colors all the time to fit a space. We combine and make new finishes for all different styles and preferences. Using only concrete, or combining it with wood, we create stunning custom pieces for people who know what they want, and it isn’t something boring.

Why work your ass off just to get some cookie cutter piece of furniture or a countertop that looks the same as everyone else’s?

Be Anything but Average and Ordinary