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Who We Are - An Introduction of Sorts

As a one liner: we are a husband and wife team who run a designer concrete studio that focuses on making statement pieces for people who want more than average and ordinary. BAM!

My wife is amazing. She is an Air Force veteran, a reservist with the Air Force that works with one of their youth outreach programs (Civil Air Patrol), has a full time career of her own with a local company, mother of 2 amazing little girls, and even helps me when she can with this business. If that’s not bad🤭 I don’t know what is. She’s got a great head for the business side of things and is phenomenal with people. You’d love her.

I, on the other hand, am always dreaming. Always wondering what could be, instead of what is. The world of dreams and possibilities of endless potential is where life is. A primary driver for me is to convince people to forget trends, what other people think, and what “society” says they should do. I want every client to be true to themselves and only choose the things that will make them happy. After all, what’s the point of working so hard just to buy things to make anyone other than yourself happy or to be like everyone else?

"Okay so you're awesome but what exactly is it that you do?" So glad you asked! We make vanities, furniture, countertops, and just about anything else you can think of for the home out of concrete and sometimes wood. We primarily focus on statement pieces. Beautiful large vanities with integral sinks. Large wall panels with artistic finishes. Stunning pieces of furniture with integrated joinery and unique shapes. Brilliant green features for entry ways. Just about anything that solicits an involuntary “wow” response from you and your guests.

We are primarily a full custom shop. This means the colors, finishes, and all aesthetics are chosen for each customer and the goals they are trying to accomplish. We have over 300 colors on hand and over a dozen finishes to recommend so people really get what would work best for them. Combining all the various finishes and colors with unique mold making techniques are the underpinnings of stunning statement pieces.

The goal has always been to create the most amazing pieces for great people that want something unique and handmade just for them. If that's you, I'd love to make you something epic.


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