Making your ideas

a reality.

The Process

From Idea To Reality

Custom anything comes with a certain level of mystique and maybe for you, some level of intimidation. To make things easier, we have summarized the process into 4 simple steps. 


If you are planning your project yourself, the best option is to set up a time to meet and we can help narrow things down for you. We can also offer limited design services to fill in some gaps you may have in your project.

For Furniture, we can fully design a piece or make a piece based on your, or your designers, specifications.

Step 2:


The Math Part

The most accurate measurements for vanities, countertops, and even wall panels, come from making a template. There's a variety of ways to do this but it's always done onsite. The decision maker needs to be present to verify and sign template placement and project needs.

The second option is we can get all the info we need from provided drawings. There are downsides to this route but sometimes outside circumstances dictate this as the only option. Double, triple, and quadruple check your measurements if providing drawings. Once the piece is made, making a new piece is usually the only option for incorrect measurements.

Step 3:


The Waiting Part

The hardest part is the waiting game. Lead time from template or measurement confirmation to install is typically 4-6 weeks but is dependent on the type of project. 

If we have the bandwidth for it or we feel the project merits it we create videos for our clients to follow along with the creation of their project. We feel letting clients see behind the scenes leads to having a greater appreciation and excitement for the piece being created just for them.

Step 1:


The Fun Part

There's no need to make this part harder than it needs to be. This is supposed to be one of the most fun parts.

Pick your Finish, Pick your Color(s), and let us know any integral design elements you would like such as integral sinks, embedded items, popup outlets, waterfall legs, etc.... It's that easy.

*We highly recommend having a sample made in your finish, color(s), & sealer combo if we do not have a physical one to show you.*

Step 4:


The Enjoyment Part

Install time and cost are directly correlated to the size and difficulty of the project as well as the state of the install location. Typical install time is less than a couple hours but could be significantly longer for complicated pieces, especially, multi phase projects.

Depending on the sealer used there may be a babying period after install where extra care should be taken to give the sealer time to finish doing it's chemical binding thing.

*Install is not a goodbye. We are always just a phone call or text away if you ever need assistance. We hope you enjoy your piece for many years to come.*