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A Dedication To One's Craft

Picking a Japanese word that's a little hard to pronounce may not make the most business sense, I admit. However, I'm a firm believer that words and their meanings matter, quite a bit actually. Words like quality, custom, craftsmanship, and the list goes on and on are supposed to mean something. 

Because I felt, and still feel, that many words we use to describe quality and craftsmanship have been watered down considerably I decided to see what other languages and countries I could get inspiration from.

I struggled for months on a name for the company. I searched for hours over several weeks, read a ridiculous amount of definitions, translations, and articles, and finally came across the Japanese word Shokunin.

Like many Japanese words, there isn't really a direct translation and it requires a bit of explanation to fully grasp the meaning of the word Shokunin. Stated simply, Shokunin means artisan or craftsman, a way of life and thinking that upholds a deep commitment to the mastery of one's craft.

As soon as I read the meaning behind the word I fell in love with it. I didn't choose the name Shokunin as some arrogant proclamation of being a master but as an aspirational commitment to the pursuit of mastery and giving every future client everything I had. 

Since that day, we have continued to focus on getting better. Whether it's creating new finishes for a concrete countertop or acquiring new mold making skills for a vanity or vessel sink. We still strive to give every project and every client everything we have.